15+ Times Anti-Vaxxers Got Shut Down In The Most Epic Ways

Wether or not to vaccinate your children has continued to be a hot button argument across discussion platforms. Famous make-up and tattoo artist Kat Von D got in hot water recently for posting on Instagram that her unborn baby would not be vaccinated.

While substantial research shows vaccines are safe and vital in disease prevention, refusal of childhood vaccines at the doctor is on the rise. It could be argued that having these famous allies has emboldened anti-vaxxer groups, whatever the reason never shy away from sharing their opinions online. When science isn’t on your side it can make these arguments tricky, but as you’ll see in these examples that doesn’t stop them from trying. Some people tried to embellish their medical background, while others could benefit from a class in logic.

Bored Panda shares some of the best anti-vaxxer fails below, to show you better have your proof together before coming to the internet.

Anti Vaxxers Are Happy Mistakes

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Anti-Vaxxers Edgy Meme Didn’t Go Quite As Planned…

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Woman Claims To Be Pediatrician With Vast Knowledge Of Vaccines, Except She’s Not.

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Anti-Vaxxer Gets Murdered With His Own Logic

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Saw This On Murdered By Words And Thought It Belonged Here.

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Anti-Vaxx Double Shutdown

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Love The Guy In Red

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Healthcare Worker Refuses Vaccine. Gets Fired.

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Kid Hates Grass? Must Be From Vaccines…

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Let Me Explain How Nothing Is Ever A Vaccine Preventable Disease… Through My Psychic Connection With The Universe

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Don’t Know If This Has Been Posted Or Not

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Wife Found This At The Doctors Office Last Week. Looks Like It Fits Here.

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Anti Vaxxers

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Anti Vaxxers

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That Anti-Vax Epidemiologist…

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Vaxxer Says Mice Study Shows Autism In Vaccines.

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Anti Vaxxers

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Before Vaccines, Kids Never Had Diabetes

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Anti-Vaxxers Aren’t Doing Their Research

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